Praised for her “deeply reflective playing” (Indianapolis Star) and “infectious exuberance” (New York Times), Korean-born pianist Jeewon Park has garnered the attention of audiences for her dazzling technique and poetic lyricism. Since making her debut at the age of 12 performing Chopin’s First Concerto with the Korean Symphony Orchestra, Ms. Park has performed in such prestigious venues as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall, Merkin Hall, 92nd Street Y, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Kravis Center, and Seoul Arts Center in Korea. As a recitalist, soloist with orchestra, and chamber musician, Ms. Park has appeared at major concert halls across North America, Europe and Asia.

Since 2012, Jeewon Park has been the co-artistic director with her husband, cellist Edward Arron, of the Performing Artists in Residence series at the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts. An avid chamber musician, she has performed at prominent festivals throughout the world, including the Spoleto USA, the Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival, the Lake Champlain Chamber Music Festival, Seoul Spring, the Appalachian Summer Festival, the Central Vermont Chamber Music Festival, the Taos Summer Music Festival, the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival, Eastern Music Festival, the Emilia-Romagna Festival (Italy), the Music Alp in Courchevel (France), and the Kusatsu Summer Music Festival (Japan). She is regularly invited to collaborate with the members of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble, and has performed with members of the Guarneri, Juilliard, Vermeer, Brentano, Tokyo, Fine Arts, and Miami Quartets.

In January of 2021, Ms. Park’s recording of Beethoven’s Complete Works for Cello and Piano with cellist Edward Arron was released on the Aeolian Classics Record Label. The recording received the Samuel Sanders Collaborative Artists Award from the Classical Recording Foundation.

In recent seasons, Ms. Park has performed at major concert halls across the U. S. and Korea. She performs as soloist with the Hwa Eum Chamber Orchestra in the Inaugural Festival of the IBK Chamber Hall at the Seoul Arts Center, as well as engagements at venues such as the Metropolitan Museum’s Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium, Tilles Center for the Performing Arts, Vilar Performing Arts Center, and Kumho Art Hall in Seoul, among others. In addition, she regularly returns to the Caramoor International Music Festival as a member of Caramoor Virtuosi where she was a Rising Star in 2007, the Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival, the Seattle Chamber Music Festival, the Manchester Music Festival, among others.

Ms. Park has been heard in numerous live broadcasts on National Public Radio and New York’s Classical Radio Station, WQXR. Additionally, her performances have been nationally broadcast throughout Korea on KBS television. She came to the U. S. in 2002, after having won all the major competitions in Korea, most notably Joong-Ang and KBS competitions. Ms. Park is a graduate of The Juilliard School and Yale University, where she was awarded the Dean Horatio Parker Prize. She holds the DMA degree from SUNY Stony Brook. Her teachers include Young-Ho Kim, Herbert Stessin, Claude Frank and Gilbert Kalish. She currently teaches piano at the Department of Music and Dance at University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

‘영혼을 울리는 연주’, ‘역동적이고도 지적인 연주’로 호평을 받은 피아니스트 박지원은 빛나는 기교와 서정적인 음악성을 바탕으로 청중들로부터 큰 주목을 받으며 뉴욕을 기점으로 미국 전역 무대에서 활동하고 있다. 코리안 심포니, KBS교향악단, 찰스톤 심포니, 멕시코 국립교향악단, 몬테레이 심포니, 화음챔버오케스트라, 연세신포니에타, 세종솔로이스츠 등과 협연하였고, 카네기홀, 링컨센터, 머킨홀, 스타인웨이홀, 메트로폴리탄 박물관, 필라델피아 예술박물관 등의 주요 공연장에서 공연하였다. 2007년에는 ‘떠오르는 신인’으로 선정되어 뉴욕의 Caramoor 국제음악제에 초청되었다. 대관령, Seattle, Bridgehampton, Spoleto USA, Lake Champlain, Emilia-Romagna, Kusatsu 등 페스티발을 비롯, 브룩클린 선상음악회, 뉴욕필하모닉, 메트로폴리탄 오페라 시리즈 등에 정기적으로 초청되어 연주하고 있다. 또한 Guarneri, Juilliard, Tokyo, Brentano, Vermeer 등의 유수의 현악사중주단과 공연하였다. 그녀는 중앙음악콩쿨, KBS 신인음악콩쿨을 비롯한 국내 모든 정상급 콩쿨을 석권하였고, 선화예중고, 연세대 수석입학, 졸업 후 2002년 장학생으로 도미하여 줄리어드 음악원 석사, 예일대 아티스트 디플로마 (졸업시 최고영예상인 Horatio Parker 학장상 수상), 뉴욕주립대에서 박사 학위를 취득하였다. 김영호, 허버트 스테씬, 클로드 프랭크, 길버트 캘리쉬 사사. 현재 매사추세츠 주립대 음대에서 Artist-in-Residence로 학생들을 지도하고 있다.